How We Help Career Services

CAREER SERVICES departments at the over 6,900 post-secondary educational institutions in the United States are woefully unprepared to handle the massive explosion of social media use by the younger generation.

GetSuitable knows the importance of education.  When students and their parents choose a school, they expect certain things from their institution.  Our core technology provides the ability for Colleges and Universities to offer very personal and tailored services to current and graduating students, as well as alumni and others associated with the school.

Take a moment to check out where we stand today.

  • Of the more than 21 million post-graduate students in the United States, less than 35% of those recently surveyed used the resources offered by Career Services.

  • They used the following help resources: resume critique, cover letter help, interview skills, career fairs, and networking events.

  • Students are moving to circumvent the use of Career Services through emerging technologies.

  • Employers are dramatically increasing their use of social media background screening techniques, albeit not in a systematic or replicable manner.

  • Students show a willingness to browse hiring manager and co-worker profiles via social media.

  • Supercharge your resources for students through our proprietary Career Services offerings.

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