Streamline Your Social Media Screening

ATHLETIC DEPARTMENTS screen both current players and potential recruits via their social media activity with little to no oversight or processes in place for analysis.

College and University Athletic Departments can benefit from a relationship with GetSuitable in a number of ways.  We know keeping track of all your athlete’s social media activity is time consuming and cumbersome.  It is also important for you to know what potential recruits were up to away from school and sport activities.  Our proprietary technology assists you with managing and screening these very important communications.

A big time view of the current situation.

  • Administrators throughout college athletics are using social media activity to screen potential recruits, monitor and correct current athlete behavior, and protect the security of competitive information like game plans and injuries.

  • Many major conference basketball and football programs employ lower level staffers to specifically monitor player social media postings.

  • This type of approach has many faults, especially when certain athletes feel “singled out” due to past indiscretions.

  • Most athletes understand and allow this monitoring as a requirement of their athletic scholarship terms.

  • Implementing a system such as that provided by GetSuitable will enable athletic departments to evaluate all users in a fair, equitable, and systematic manner.

Athletic Departments