Applicant Screening

ADMISSIONS OFFICES currently use social media screening checks in a hap hazard manner with no standard procedures.

Let’s face it, those working in College Admissions have a lot of work to do.  Whether it is being out on the road promoting your school at events or sitting in the office qualifying applications, the job is tiresome.  GetSuitable can assist you in not only screening the social media backgrounds of incoming student prospects, but also give you the heads up on possible security issues brought to campus by students you don’t necessarily want.

Have a look at the current scene.

  • A large majority of academic institutions check incoming student criminal records, however, just one in three admit to examining social media and other web content posted by applicants.

  • The above 33% readily note simply “Googling” or personally searching social media activity, allowing for discrimination and a lack of transparency, duplicity, and data management issues inherent in this unorganized approach.

  • Most shockingly, a paltry 3% of student respondents thought their social media backgrounds would have a negative impact on their being selected for admittance.

  • A number of schools, Brown University specifically, acknowledge denying students based upon information discovered through social media profiles, yet have no process or service in place to regulate this type of screening.

  • With a dramatic increase in campus violence and subsequent discovery of social content which would more than likely disqualified the perpetrators involved, academics are seeing pressure from both government and the public to more adequately screen admitted applicants.

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