Marketing Manager / CMO

Who you are: 

A rock star marketing manager with knowledge and experience working on startup and/or large scale roll-out projects

Who we are:

GetSuitable Inc. focuses on assisting colleges and universities in enhancing their career services offerings through innovative technological and consulting services

We focus on:

  • Defining social media and other online strategies for students
  • Matching hard skills as well as less intangible traits that companies are looking for in an employee
  • Finding the perfect atmosphere and company culture to match each student’s needs.

GetSuitable is looking for a Marketing Manager/CMO to lead our marketing, sales, and business development teams at an extremely high level. The ideal candidate will be a rock star with social media, but comfortable working in the high level business role described within. You’ll actively help direct the company’s marketing and sales efforts by developing and managing a number of teams from a manager or executive level.


  • Work with the executive team, stakeholders, customers, and potential clients to create and manage effective marketing and sales strategy
  • Work with the development team to create a user-friendly, web-based application to support business intelligence functions
  • Provide feedback and recommendations for improvements to end-user UI features, functionality, architecture, and design
  • Provide feedback to the executive team and others in the organization as to marketing plans and strategy
  • Develop and evaluate a sales and marketing team viewed as the absolute best in the industry, and is consistent with industry best practices
  • Collaboratively participate in team meetings as necessary
  • Ensure that all work is completed on schedule and in accordance with quality standards
  • Wear lots of hats and have a desire to excel at our rapidly growing startup company


Along with your résumé, send us links to relevant projects undertaken.

Must haves:

  • 3+ years of experience in a high level business environment with a proven track record of increasing success
  • 2+ years of experience managing others in a marketing and/or sales role
  • Vast knowledge of social media marketing techniques with proven success and the ability to remain professional at all times
  • A sincere desire to be a part of building something much bigger than you may have experience doing in your previous roles
  • Not afraid to dig in and become a solid leader immediately
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively implement customer-facing marketing plans and projects
  • Sustained experience in advertising strategy, general business strategy, leadership concepts, and creative marketing techniques
  • Strong desire to understand the business problems that our technology is created to solve
  • Understand how people actually use the data-driven web applications we build

Icing on the cake:

  • You have experience in a C-level, Executive, and/or Director role
  • You possess a graduate level degree applicable to the role, specifically in a business, marketing, or human resources capacity
  • You have experience with all core technologies we use
  • Experience assisting beta testing applications for mobile web or touch interfaces
  • You’ve built solid sales and marketing teams in the past


Please visit our “Jobs” page on Angel List here.